How Odoo helps SME for a digital Transformation

“Digital transformation is the use of technology to make resourceful enhancements to an organization. It is more than a simple technology initiative and is instead a plan to completely renovate an organization’s business model”


When an organization decides to acquire a enterprise software initiative, they need to probe themselves: is this a software implementation or digital transformation with ERP? This question may sound unimportant but answer to this question has significant implication regarding the way the initiative will be planned, the way decisions are made and the overall impact of the project.

Digital transformation with ERP may provide Business process reengineering: specialized software. Focus on incremental improvements to business processes – such as finding more efficient ways to perform existing functions. Instead of incremental improvements to business processes substantially disrupt and improve current business models.

More specifically, these ingenuities find ways to leverage advanced technology to provide better products and service to customers.



In order to become a Digital Enterprise which is a must now, organizations need Digital Core to participate in a Digital Economy. In a Digital Economy, a very real currency is the data exchanged between entities, not just goods, services and monetary funds in the traditional sense.

There are three organisational scenarios that may will play out:

  • Organisations that believe that they don’t need to quickly change. They will die.
  • Organisations who choose believe that digital “basics” of their business (like a CRM product) will somehow make them a digital enterprise. These companies will not be modest and will either suffer significant deflation over the next decade or will be learnt.
  • Organisations who know the importance of  Digital Economy for their respective industry will require to win and are earnestly building a Digital Core, connected all the way to the Digital Edge of their business and beyond. These companies will win with change management.

Digital Core: Final and most important point, the need for a Digital Core, connected to every part of your business all the way to the edge and beyond. Odoo ERP offers a Digital Core for your business.

Odoo ERP as a platform, a Digital “operating system” for your whole company that enables your business to consume everything happening in and around your business in real time.

Not just transaction data, like what you sold today, but the context around the transaction, like what someone said about the purchase. All of this, beautifully intermingled into one platform. That way you aren’t spending valuable investment money on integrating data, you’re investing those money on ways to connect with your customer in the moment and, ultimately, sell more.

Odoo ERP in turn is integrated with a powerful set of applications that enables your business to connect directly with your customers (Customer Engagement and Commerce), suppliers, employees and departments.

We truly believe that Odoo ERP can be the single digital core for your business and that is the reason we are moving every application to run on this new, single platform.

With core competences including reporting, analytics, dashboards, planning, scorecards and more, companies can understand performance and make better decisions. With trusted, accurate and timely information to the right decision-makers at the right time, organisations can optimize business performance.

Digital transformation with Odoo ERP is most suitable for organizations that are aggressively following growth, experiencing technical shifts in their industries, and/or are interested in renovating their business models to be more competitive and get maximum ROI on ERP implementation.

Do write to us on or contact us at 0524908692  understand the tools and systems required to build, host, operate and how to adopt/adapt the Digital transformation service.



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