7 ways to control insider threats

Insider threats may be the scariest cyber threats a company faces

For years the focus point is always to protect the perimeter to keep the outsider’s gaining access and doing harm. But statistics prove more risk prevails within the organization in the form of insider threats.

In a 2015 report from the Ponemon Institute, it was found that attacks from insiders were some of the most costly. On average, these cost companies an average of $144,452 per year. Many companies still failing to realize the full scope of this threat, this is a figure that is likely to increase in the future.

How can we control insider threats?

  1. See What leaves office: Employee turnover in an organization is common compared to earlier days. When they leave they tend to carry confidential information. This has serious implication on the organization which triggers regulatory or legal action against the company. Many employers are not ready to face the situation and end up with the Financial loss. A proper data leakage prevention policy helps the company to prevent such a situation. There are a lot of Data leakage Prevention solutions available in the market like Forcepoint, inDefend etc.
  2. Encrypt Critical Data: Encrypt the sensitive data so that even the data leaks it is secured and non-accessible.
  3. Manage company Mobile devices: Mobile device Management solution helps secure data using mobile phones. A good MDM solution like inDfend can help you do that.
  4. Employee Monitoring & Behavioural monitoring: Employee monitoring and behavioural analysis is a proactive way to manage insider threats. There are various tools like Ekran systeminDefend available to monitoring employees. Some of the features provided.
    • Internet and app usage
    • Email
    • Keystroke logging
    • Computer screen recording
    • Phone use
    • Video/audio surveillance
    • GPS tracking by vehicle
    • Location tracking by access badge
  5. DLP solution & File audit technology: DLP tools monitor all the data within the organization based on predetermined data policies.  If the employee tries to download data which is critical, then based on the data policy it will either block or alert the compliance officer. There are various solutions available in UAE like Forcepoint, inDefend which manages data leakage prevention effectively. File Auditing technology ensures that all files are secured and manage the files in effective ways while applying supervisory rules and retrieve information as needed. The best solution available in the market is File Audit
  6. Manage your Privileged Users: Users with Privileged access need to be managed effectively. Since they have access to secured information and critical data, extra precaution should be taken to control their access and monitor their activity. A privileged identity or access management solution will effectively manage privileged users by controlling and recording their activities. Also, secure the password for the critical system and manage them effectively.
  7. Have an effective information security policy implemented in the organization: The most import part of preventing insider threats to have an effective information security policy implemented in the organization. The managers and users should be given cybersecurity awareness training and the whole company should be aware of the importance of  IT security.

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