August 5, 2019

File Audit

File Auditing for Windows Server & Cloud Storage

Proactively track, audit, report, alert on and respond to, all access to files and folders on Windows Servers and in the cloud.

Agentless, remote and non-intrusive; FileAudit offers an easy yet robust tool for monitoring, auditing and securing access to files, folders and file shares that reside on Windows Systems and cloud. FileAudit makes it easy to see what’s happening with organization’s data. This significantly reduces the risk of internal threats and quickly identifies any inappropriate access that needs to be reviewed and remediated. Extend file auditing to data stored in the cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box). One single, consolidated solution for monitoring files and folders stored both on-premises and in the cloud.

File Audit: How does it work

FileAudit makes your auditing faster, smarter and more efficient. Go far beyond native Windows event log file access to get comprehensive and accurate information on files stored on-premises and in the cloud.

FileAudit constantly examines and records read/write/delete accesses (or access attempts), file ownership changes, and permission modifications, so IT or management can immediately address any inappropriate accesses.

Easy to install, easy to use

FileAudit was designed with usability in mind for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Users can be up and running with FileAudit and monitoring, archiving and reporting on file access in less than three minutes. The intuitive interface makes it easy to select the files and folders to be audited, customize alert settings and report delivery schedule, and you are automatically ensuring security in real-time and generating reports for auditing and regulatory compliance.

Main Features:

File and Folder Monitoring : Monitor, in real time, access to sensitive files stored on both Windows Servers and in cloud storage. Powerful filtering helps you find the answers you need quickly; tracking IP address and machine name pinpoints the exact access.

Alerts and Automated Response : Set up email alerts and a triggered response for access events (access denied – file deletion – a specific user, machine or IP address – time of access) and mass access events such as the copy, deletion or movement of bulk files.

File and Folder Access Auditing : Review a searchable, secure and always-available audit trail. Analyze the access to and usage of files stored both on-premises and in the cloud. Schedule centralized reports according to multiple criteria.

NTFS Permissions Reporting : Report on NTFS permissions and properties for all files and folders. Get a complete and centralized view of both simple and advanced permissions, and properties such as size, creation date and last modified date.

Cloud Data Monitoring : Extend access auditing to data stored in the cloud (OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box). One single, consolidated solution for monitoring files and folders stored both on-premises and in the cloud.

Key Benefits

> Secure sensitive data from improper access, potential theft, alteration, or deletion
> Significantly reduce the workload related to monitoring access to files and folders
> Respond instantly and automatically to abnormal file activity (including ransomware)
> Help regulated organizations meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties
> Enforce compliance with major regulations such as SOX, FISMA and HIPAA
> Perform accurate and comprehensive IT forensics on all files and folders
> Simple to install & easy to use, helps effective file auditing

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