December 7, 2020

Digital Risk Monitoring And Protection Platform

Any form of cyber attack can result in loss of customer trust and will ruin an organization entirely.

Digital asset management and protection requires continual monitoring and managing of threats to the brand across every digital platform - social, mobile, websites, and other external sources.

Digital Risk Monitoring

Every organization needs to have an online presence for increasing their brand awareness, increasing reach and overall exposure. Whether you’re a small and midsize business or a large enterprise, digital monitoring plays a crucial role in protecting the integrity and success of your brand today and in the future. Protecting your brands reputation, revenue and intellectual property online is now an essential part of every company strategy.

Mechsoft Technologies LLC, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider of the region are experts in devising digital brand protection strategies for every organizational structures. With over a decade of expertise and dedicated team of specialists, we ensure that suitable measures are taken to tackle any threats, utilizing the most advanced technology, and providing the highest standards of service.

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Fake Domain Monitoring

Domain names set up fraudulently to mislead customers are very common. These domains are designed to look similar to your website and are used for putting fraudulent content at the cost of your brand image. Phishing scams are the oldest and yet most rampant in today’s world. From distributing malware to luring your customer into disclosing their credentials, there are many treacherous channels in domain phishing.

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

The web contains many secret pockets beyond the reach of search engines or general access. This becomes a safe haven to store stolen credentials of fortune 500 companies. Seeking these out and alerting an organization is not a job for the faint-hearted. Our intelligent tools cuts through the dark layers to provide valuable insight into any nefarious exchange that concerns your organization, allowing you to make swift and informed decisions.

End to End Brand Intelligence

Rogue Application Detection

The seemingly harmless apps that appear after a simple search can effectively create havoc within your systems. They gain access to a domain account and trick your customers into parting with their confidential information. Brand abuse is a key target of these rogue apps. Logo use, false affiliation, domain similarity, copyright infringement, credentials theft are some of the serious threats posed by these apps which result in brand reputation damage.

Credential Disclosure Detection

In almost all cyber attacks or ransom related attacks affecting an organisation, credentials are often involved either as a target of theft or as a means to furthering access in a network.
Our threat intelligence detects such credential disclosures in time by addressing the concerns you may have, such as:
  • Any employee’s credentials being sold on the dark web
  • Any hardcoded access credentials being leaked by the insiders
  • Ensuring that all the leaked credentials have been blocked successfully

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Combat Threats