April 29, 2020

Ransomware Analysis & Protection

Ransomware infections are on the rise in Middle East countries like UAE. Ransowmare infections result in business diruptions and have adverse effects on company reputation. We help organizations affected by Ransowmare in identifying the root cause behind the attack. We also provides mitigations so that companies can prevent such attacks from happening in the future. We also encourage users infected with Ransomware to visit No More Ransom site to decrypt the files for which decryption tools are available.

Ransomware attacks can happen due to many reasons such as :

  • Users clicking on link or attachements in email without knowing that it can download malware that can result in Ransomware.
  • Users viting compromosed websites that will download Ranswomare stains to the computer without user knowledge.
  • RDP attacks that target open RDP ports to get access to network. You can read about ways to revent such attacks here.
  • Brute-force attacks that results in attackers gaining admin credentials. Organizations should have mechanism to detect such bruteforce attacks so that necessary actions can be taken to prevent the same.
  • Stolen credentials reulting in hackers gaining control of the network.

Having an offline backup solution is a must for any organization so that data can be recovered at any point of time without paying the ransom.

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