April 29, 2020

Security Awareness Training

Only a holistic security strategy paired with a deep understanding of the business processes can minimize security risk of an organization. Technical security measures must always be combined with organizational measures. The successful sensitization of the employee begins with the awakening of interest in the subject. The user then wants to know why different information security measures are introduced and will then gain an understanding of this. Because he now understands and accepts, he will act accordingly. Creative security awareness training helps employees overcome their IT security weak points. Security Awareness Training is provided in the form of Presentations, Videos, Games, Animations, Posters, Infographics, Emailers & Flyers. Awareness training topics include:

  • What information can be passed out on the phone?
  • How are visitors directed by your company?
  • What topics should be discussed in public, on the train, on the plane, in the bar or restaurant ?
  • What do I do with a USB stick, which was found “accidentally” next to my company parking lot ?
  • What to do with attachments and links on emails received ?
  • How to use social media sites ?

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