August 5, 2019

Backup assist

Windows Server Backup & Recovery made simple

Server backup software for growing businesses who need reliable, automated protection, without great complexity or expense. Backup Assist is an easy-to-use and affordable backup software designed to safeguard your servers and desktops. Backup all of the data that’s important to your business, to almost any destination. BackupAssist provides all of the tools you need to protect both physical and virtualised servers, without draining your IT budget.

Hyper-V & Physical Backup

Safeguard your virtual and physical servers by backing them up. You can backup whole machines or just a few files. Our set-and-forget automatable software lets you focus on better things. Select one of our backup schedules, or make your own.

Backup Assist backs up what has changed since your last backup was performed, saving you time, space and bandwidth. The first time you perform a full backup of your system, our software takes a complete snapshot of your data and stores it for future reference. The next time you perform a it compares that snapshot against the data on your machine, and only backs up what has changed. This minimizes the time, space and processing power needed for your future backups.

Restore & Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes, our software means you can bring your servers back quickly (or instantly!), ensuring you have business continuity. Whether it’s just a few files or your whole server, getting your data back with BackupAssist is simple and hassle-free.

Local, External or Cloud

Our software lets you store your data on all kinds of destinations, so you have multiple layers of protection. Send your data to public cloud (Azure, AWS or WebDAV), private cloud (WebDAV or rSync), local disk, NAS, SAN, USB HDD, RDX, iSCSI, or tape!

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a serious threat to all modern businesses. It is a malicious type of malware which infects your system and locks access to your data until you pay a ransom. BackupAssist’s CryptoSafeGuard feature actively protects your backups from ransomware encryption.

Backup Anything

If you can name it, you can back it up with BackupAssist. Preserve your files, folders, apps, drives, physical servers, Hyper-V hosts and guests, and more.Our software supports all modern onsite and offsite backup destinations.

Data Restoration

When you need just a few files, fast, BackupAssist lets you recover them with absolute accuracy. Our easy-to-use UI makes the process as simple as just a few clicks. Bring back selected files, folders, apps, drives, and Hyper-V guests from a backup, without needing to restore it all.Our easy-to-use UI lets you restore critical data with a few clicks.

Recover Servers From Ruin

Servers crash. It’s a fact of life. Bring them back online swiftly and easily with our advanced recovery tools. With BackupAssist, recovering an entire system to bare metal only takes a few clicks. Bring back Hyper-V guests in seconds, eliminating downtime.

Manage Your Sites

Remotely manage your BackupAssist installations from a single screen. Perform backup and restore jobs from afar for physical and virtual machines. Keep in the loop with instant success, failure, and warning alerts.