June 10, 2017

Synergita Performance Management system

Who Are We ?

When organizations remove the hurdles their employees face, engage with them on their
needs and nurture and develop them, they create an extraordinary culture where
employees unleash their potential, set new standards of excellence and create wonders. We
call it peopleMAGIC.

And it is made possible by Synergita’s cloud based performance management and analytics

Our Promise


Avoid stressful & challenging process of moving from traditional to automated process.

Seamlessly integrate with existing data systems while embracing or customizing your
existing and familiar processes. Synergita is always there for you before, during and post
roll-out to give you a personal touch and peace of mind.

Our Value Propositions

  • Disruption
  • Insta-go
  • HR elevates to being a strategic partner
  • Personal touch
  • Peace of mind
  • 100% compliance

Key Differentiators

  • Synergita guarantees Disruption of process as it is easy to use and integrates with
    existing applications and embraces any existing process
  • Our customers go WOW! With our powerful features around goal setting, continuous
    feedback, 360 degree feedback, normalization scoring and more
  • Synergita’s “Digital Cockpit” feature provides all necessary information and updates in one
    single screen like employee data, past feedback, skillsets, employee development and
  • Synergita’s Insta-go functionality gets you on your way with minimal fuss
  • Software so simple that administration can be done by non-techy HR administrator. No
    dependency on IT or developers
  • Synergita is a system that works the way you want it to

Key Product Features

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Powerful yet simple Admin Engine leads to Disruption
  • Dashboards that provide visibility into the appraisal process
  • Reminders that remove the hassle from follow-ups
  • Automation that removes errors leads to 100% compliance
  • Instantly available & secure data
  • A personalized “Digital Cockpit” provides all necessary updates
  • Powerful features like goal setting, continuous feedback, 360 degree feedback,
    normalization scoring, custom reports and powerful analytics

Synergita’s peopleMAGIC

Goal Setting

Synergita helped save,

  • 43% of the time that an employee spent on goal setting
  • 67% of the manager’s time that was spent on setting, reviewing & revising employee goals
  • 85% of HR team’s time, which they now spend on employee engagement

Appraisal Process

Synergita helped save,

  • 60% of the manager’s time spent on employee performance assessment, review and follow ups
  • 75% of the HR’s time spent on initiating feedback cycles, follow-ups, reviews, attending to appeals &
    completing appraisal process

Normalization process

With Synergita Capita was able to derive bell curves through the software and the entire normalization process was completed within 3 days. Synergita helped save,

  • 90% of the manager’s time spent to derive bell curve for their team members
  • 80% of the HR team’s time spent to arrive at overall organization specific bell curve

Customer Benefits

  • Capita’s employees are now able to assign their goals within a week. Synergita rates goals based weightage and in turn rates employee performance based on goal accomplishment
  • Capita’s entire performance management process is now completely automated with two cycles in a year
  • Capita has completed its first (mid-year) appraisal cycle in less than a month‘s time and annual appraisal cycle in less than 2 months’ time. Earlier the manual appraisal process took 3-4 months
  • Now HR team has complete visibility of process and are able to spend more time in employee engagement activities