August 5, 2019

Wallix Bastion-Privileged Access Management System

The digital era has transformed the way corporations and public organizations run. Data has now become
a truly strategic asset that allows steering a corporation while standing out from the rest and staying
prepared for market evolution.

The digital transformation therefore has a significant impact on the responsibilities that CISOs must take
on, as they would need to reassess enforced security policies, while at the same time actively doing their
part to increase the value of the corporation's data.

WALLIX Bastion -The modular platform for managing privileged access adapted to your business

WALLIX Bastion user-friendliness makes it easier for teams to adopt it quickly and enable its nonrestrictive implementation in daily operations.

The WALLIX Bastion solution combines technology with a business-based approach while taking into account legal restrictions in order to ensure the security of your strategic assets and the compliance of your IT infrastructures:

  • Lowered risk of data loss and leaks
  • Faster decision-making thanks to alert reports
  • Granular control over access by superusers
  • Tracking of regulatory compliance with reporting Intended for auditors
  • Simplified analysis of data and report generation
  • Quick determination of risky situations and
    potential threats by IT teams
  • Quick determination of risky situations and
    potential threats by IT teams
  • Remote maintenance of technical infrastructures

WALLIX GROUP, an Alternext-listed company, is based in Paris, London, Munich and Dubai.
More than 500 organizations have chosen WALLIX to secure their information systems,
including Alain Afflelou, Danagas, Dassault Aviation, Gulf Air, Maroc Telecom, McDonald’s,
Michelin, PSA Peugeot-Citroën and Quick. WALLIX is a member of Bpifrance's "BPI
Excellence" community